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Quick Post

I’m trying to get ready for a trip, so this post has to be quick!!!  Yesterday I was a bad girl and skipped my run.  I felt really guilty and almost went at 9:45 last night but then decided it wasn’t worth getting kidnapped (or adult-napped).  I figured after our successful run on Sunday though that it was acceptable to take the day off!

Today was absolutely gorgeous and finally awesome running weather.  We went on our usual loop run and had a guest runner join us.  He was fast, but not too fast…just right!  Sort of like the Goldy Locks of running!   Although,  when we reached the top of the hill and I was huffing and puffing (not blowing the house down– I have no idea what is up with all of these children book references) and he wasn’t panting AT ALL, I was both impressed and baffled.  It’s a hard hill!  He claims he was just holding it back, but I don’t know– I’d say he just has better lungs.

After the run I did a total of 100 jump ropes and gave up.  It’s not fun jump roping alone.  Plus I kept tripping and my mouth was really dry…

More tomorrow 🙂


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Today was the big day! No not my wedding day but an equally as BIG day! This morning we ran the Siena Francis Run/Walk. We signed up for the 5K run. In preparation for the big event, we had a carbo cram last night, enjoying spaghetti and garlic bread. I tried to go to bed early but found myself dreaming of the big race. Would I get last? Would I suddenly be able to run a 6 minute mile and get first? Or would I be the girl who ended up in the first aid tent? I also kept thinking about what to wear for the big event. In retrospect we wished we had bought cute running shorts but that can be arranged for the next race.

We left our house bright and early at 7AM. The race was around a lake about 20 minutes away. Of course the road that led to the lake was under construction, so we spent a good 10 minutes wondering where to go. Luckily we found our way and made it on time. We got checked in and received our t-shirts. My running partner was most excited at the prospect of a new t-shirt (since that’s how all this running business started anyway…for new t-shirts). Unfortunately, the t-shirts were disapointing. On front AND back, they listed the sponsors. No cute designs, no big “I completed a 5K around a lake.” Maybe I can get on a t-shirt committee and design something cuter for next year.

We spent the next 15 minutes before the race stretching and taking pictures. First here we are waiting in line for the bathroom– I know that’s exciting right? But look! We have our numbers on! And we pinned them wrong, which the officials were pretty annoyed about at the finish line when we couldn’t get the bottom portion off. I’m number 680– which I was happy about. Those seem like great numbers!

race 068

After the 10K runners took off, we made our way over to the start line, with the other runners. While we stood there waiting, we took a flexing picture. Although, neither of us were actually flexing (and well, I don’t have any muscles to flex!) Plus flexing hurts!! But we look tough…


After we were done intimidating the crowd with our bulging muscles, we talked about our running strategy. We decided to hang out toward the back (mostly by default because so many other people were in line first). Our plan was to start off slow, pass people when we could, run at our usual pace and try to speed up toward the end. Since we were near the back of the pack, we couldn’t really hear what the announcer was saying but pretty soon everyone was bobbing up and down so off we went! I really couldn’t help laughing at the start because everyone was seriously bobbing up and down and it was wall to wall people. It just looked silly. Here we are at the start.


As we got underway, lots of people started walking almost immediately. We were able to pass a lot of people. There was one older gentleman wearing all spandex and a fanny pack who insisted on sprinting past us twice, while breathing obnoxiously loud, only to stop and walk three seconds later. Needless to say, we were able to finally run away from him. Once we had passed as many people as we could, we were running at a pretty steady pace. Neither of us had a watch so we didn’t know when to pick up the pace because there were not mile markers. We did however sprint through the finish line, where people had created a tunnel and were chanting our names. Ok the second part of that sentence isn’t true, but that would have been fun! We crossed the line in just under 29 minutes, although our picture of us crossing the line says 29 minutes exactly. Either way, that is a 9 minute and 36 second mile. I am more than happy with that time for my first race since the age of 7! Here we are crossing the line. I’m embarrassed by my face in this picture, but just remember how focused we were!

finish line

When the race we finished, we both felt happy and excited. It was really a fun event and it made us both want to enter in more races. We both agreed that we could have gone faster, but since we didn’t know where we were on the course, we were hesitant to use up too much energy. I think our carbo cram really helped give us energy today! I had a lot of knee pain after the race but made sure to ice. The whole time I was icing my knees I kept singing that song from the Ipod Nano commercial, “Bruises,” because one of the lines is “I grabbed some frozen strawberries so I could ice your bruising knees.” Hopefully the frozen strawberries will heal me right up!!!!

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5 MILES!!!!!!!

We DID IT!!!! Today we had our first long run!  I am proud and astonished to say that today we ran 5 miles, without stopping in 53 minutes and 45 seconds.  The most amazing part of it all was that I wasn’t even out of breath at the end and I even felt like I could run longer!  I was seriously so jubilant in the gym that you’d think I had just found the cure to cancer.  I was that excited!

It just feels so great to know that I can run 5 miles without dying and it’s only been two weeks since we started our brilliant running plan.  Considering I could barely run 2 miles when we started, I think I’ve come a long way.  Plus my initial 2 mile runs were ridiculous because I’d be dying for breath/ stopping to fix my hair.  After our run we did some stretching and then did 100 crunches.  I can’t wait to wash clothes on my washboard stomach.  Trust me, it’s going to happen.  Wait till you see the six pack I’m developing.

Feeling happy and energized, we decided to walk around our campus.  We came across the main fountain and took the opportunity to run through the fountain to cool down.  I thoroughly enjoyed it until some man tried to ruin our fun by telling us the fountain had chemicals in it.  My response was, “yes I know…chlorine…like a pool.”  Mind your own business man, it’s not like we were drinking the water!  Anyway, the bottom line is today was one of those days when everything went right with our running plans.  It was easy, fun, exciting and totally restored my faith in my running abilities.  Since we are running our first 5K on Sunday, I think we are going to take the rest of the week pretty easy.  Tomorrow I am shopping after work, so that will be my cardio.   Saturday we will probably run about a mile and go on a walk, just to stay loose and relaxed.  I also have glorious plans to lay by a pool.  I just need to find one…


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Seeing Stars

Despite the fact that my legs still feel like they could fall off, I felt ambitious and motivated today. When I left work this evening, it was finally less than 100 degrees so my workout buddy and I decided we could handle running outside. I was wrong.

I was basically sweating by the time we got down our stairs and hit the pavement. We decided to take our normal 3 mile run nice and slow to compensate for the heat and our aching muscles. By the time we got to the top of our hill, which I’ve decided will never get easier, I was panting and seeing stars. I wasn’t seeing stars as badly as the day I passed out in the arms of an attractive FBI agent’s arms (seriously, it was utterly embarrassing but luckily on my way down I managed to cross my legs like a lady). The point is, I was dying when we finished the run! We did both agree though that we could have run more if not for the extreme heat. Maybe tomorrow…

Other than the fact that we were sweating profusely and I couldn’t even talk about my day because I was out of breath, our run was very uneventful. We did almost get hit by a biker who blew his horn at us for at least 15 seconds and finally he had to yell move! I seriously just thought it was some teenage boy honking at our new Penny-esque bodies. Turns out it wasn’t. Since we didn’t go to the gym, we didn’t lift any weights. I know I’m getting an arm workout tonight though because I am so thirsty and keep pounding water. Tomorrow will most likely be the last day we lift weights this week since on Sunday we are participating in our first race!!! I’m very excited for the race but I am starting to get worried that I will be in last place, crying and coughing, just like when I was 7. I have to convince myself that I’m in much better shape this time and my parents aren’t expecting me to win a medal. Maybe I will get us medals anyway, just for fun!

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Walk in the Park

Just when I thought I was as sore as I could get, I woke up today and seriously could not move. At work I dropped note cards and couldn’t even manage to pick them up. I had to ask a coworker for help! My workout buddy and I decided to take the day off on account of many reasons. First, we are more sore than we ever thought possible. Second, she has a final next week so had to go to the library. Third, it was storming (and then it stopped). Fourth, I seriously can’t move!

I decided I’d take the night easy and caught up with an old friend on the phone. I started to think about dinner but instead laid on my couch. After a while I started thinking that I was acting a bit too lazy and decided to venture on a walk. I walked our usual out door run through a park and since it was still hot and humid I did get sweaty pretty fast. For whatever reason I seem to think that if I get sweaty that means I had a hard work out. Technically if this is my theory then I never need to work out on hot days, I just have to drive around in my non-air conditioned car! I felt semi-self conscious on my walk because I couldn’t find normal shorts and decided I could sport little spandex shorts instead. I felt inclined to say to every passerby, don’t worry I know I don’t have the body to wear these (so don’t think I think that) and I do own normal shorts, I just couldn’t find them. I managed to only tell 3 people that. Success!

My muscles still feel pretty sore but I’m glad they got a little stretched out on my walk. I was feeling pretty thirsty when I got home so I decided to try one of my new G2 pink Gatorades. I must say I was pretty disappointed. It tasted like fruit punch and I’ve never liked that! It always reminds me of awkward receptions like that weird bridge thing we had to walk over in 6th grade when we crossed over from Brownies to Girl Scouts. I’m almost positive they gave us fruit punch and that was my first and last day as a Girl Scout.

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Heat Wave!

Every time I hear the phrase “heat wave” I feel like singing and dancing along to “Sister Act.” Who doesn’t love that movie?! That’s completely unrelated to running BUT we are currently in a heat wave! Even as I write this at 10 PM CDT time, it’s 88 degrees with a heat index of 99! Due to the extreme heat, we decided it would be best to head to the gym rather than risk having a heat stroke.

Before I got to the gym though, let me set the stage. The lovely thing about being a 24 year old law student is my fantastic car. There is nothing like a 100 degree day with 70% humidity and my trusty, non-air conditioned 11 year old car to get me to point A to point B. In fact, I wasn’t even sure that I needed a work out since by the time I got to the gym I was more sweaty than when I attempt to run! Given the insane heat, I decided to sport a discarded tank-top from a race that I found in a bag of clothes my sister was throwing away. I remember when I picked it out of the giant trash-bag, I thought to myself hmm I can wear this and people will think I run in races! Of course all speculation of my athletic ability was debunked when onlookers saw me panting away on the treadmill.

We only ran 2 miles today in 20 minutes. Yesterday’s workout of extreme squats/ lunges really did me in. I could barely walk today and I’m sure my coworker’s grew quite irritated hearing me say “ow” every three seconds. The silver lining though is that I’m sore in places I didn’t know I could exercise! And believe you me, they NEED the exercise. Back to the run… we were really struggling and I felt quite proud of myself when I gave some words of encouragement to my partner. I said, keep going, we need to look like Penny from Dirty Dancing! Seeing as we both have a Dirty Dancing obsession, one of our goals it to have muscles as amazing as Penny’s– as seen here: Penny

Penny is the one on the left and Baby is in the middle. If I’m being honest I wouldn’t mind having muscles like either of them. This isn’t the best picture to see the muscles, but I recommend watching this scene. If no other reason but to see Patrick Swazye’s amazing shirtless body. No seriously.

The thought of a muscular body as nice as Penny’s was enough for us to push through our pain! After we toweled off (seriously I was so sweaty) we hit the benches, where we each grunted and benched 200 lbs. Oh wait that wasn’t us. We did do 50 pull ups (the kind where you cheat using weight) and 50 push ups. Then we did triceps, chest, shoulders, biceps and back. My arms were numb when we left and I’m concerned that not only will I have no function in my lower body but now my upper body is out of commission too. This is the price you pay to look like Penny! Stay cool — or as Conan would say, stay cool my babies!

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Sweaty but a success

Another day over 90 degrees so my running buddy and I decided to hit the gym rather than risk me attempting to hitch hike home again.  On our car ride over I had two scary realizations.  First, I forgot to put on deodorant.  My running buddy reassured me that I would be ok, although I contemplated stopping to buy some.  Second, I forgot a nice thick rubber band for my hair!  I overcame my worries of smelling and having messy hair and trekked on to the gym.  We seem to have bad luck with this particular gym, especially on the weekends.  When we got to the gym, we pulled on the door and it was locked.  We both looked at each other inquisitively before realizing the gym was closed.  In big block letters the words CLOSED ON SUNDAY appeared taped to the door.  We sucked up our frustrations and walked to a different gym.  Luckily, that gym was open and in no time I was nearly falling off a treadmill!

We ran for three miles and it took me 31:55.  For the first time I actually was able to have an accurate time!  I would have made it in 30 minutes flat if not for the fact that I had to stop and put my hair back into a pony tail (see why I needed that other rubber band?).  When I reached the 3.0 mile mark I frantically pushed the treadmill buttons to make it slow down in an attempt to prevent myself from falling down.  When my panting began to subside, I had a realization that I really need to get a professional jogging watch.  Sure I really like my heart-shaped watch or my Swatch with all the colorful little circles, but let’s face it, those are way too difficult to actually time a run.  Besides even if I looked at the watch (one of which is programed for Rome time) I would have to subtract 7 hours, remember an exact time and then remember an end time and then subtract the two numbers.  I seriously can’t do math.  Forget that.  I need a new watch.

After our seriously sweaty run we decided to hit the weights.  The thing about this gym is the weights always smell really bad and I always wonder if I’m contracting an illness.  It didn’t help when my partner pointed out a sign about how to avoid skin infections.  Ew.  We decided to focus on leg work today.  We did three varieties of squats: regular, ballerina, and then some laying down ones with a machine (gravity made those so hard!).  We did three sets of each.  Then we did lunges, which I think are the hardest exercise ever!  Finally we finished with hang-cleans, toe rises and crunches.

Our legs felt like jello when we left and my hair was sopping wet from sweat.  Jello + sweat = a great workout!!!  I’m proud of us today.

On a side note, I went grocery shopping today and was in awe of all the different kind of gatorade!  I seriously didn’t know which one to buy but settled on something pink because it’s my favorite color.  I am curious what gatorade color/ type people like?  Let me know!!  I need to stay hydrated throughout this insane heatwave.

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