22 Miles…and it’s only Wednesday!

The big race is only a few weeks away (18 days to be exact!!!!) so in an effort to make sure that we get 1st and 2nd place, respectively, we’ve really been training hard!  Ok, we might not get 1st and 2nd place (actually that’s just a matter of perspective) but we’ve both reached the point where we feel confident in our running abilities.

On Sunday we went on a nice leisurely jog….consisting of 11 miles!  When I left our house I was pleasantly surprised by the mid 80 degree day, with the lovely sunshine and blue sky.  5 miles later I was cursing the sun, wishing it was 60 degrees, and raining.  As we approached mile 10, I informed my running buddy that I had enough and I heard myself say to her, “ok I’m going to head home.”  Even though I said those words for some reason I didn’t turn but kept on running.  At mile 10.6 I had to stop for a brief second and contemplated crying but then  decided to finish the run, despite having to run up the hill of all hills.  When we got home we sprayed each other with the hose (and then stopped when we realized that it looked like we were having a wet t-shirt contest).  Despite what it looked like to neighbors, the hose was the best feeling ever!  I was so hot I felt like dying.  After a few minutes we recuperated but then the dreaded stomach ache hit me.  Sadly, I was sick the rest of the day and night — I couldn’t eat anything the whole day!

In honor of Labor Day, we took the day off.  Tuesday we went to the gym and ran 5 miles and then did leg weight lifting.  At the gym I wore the shirt I got at our 5K those many months ago.  It is such a ridiculous shirt…it’s literally covered in ads.  But that reminds me — did I ever tell you that we actually got 1st and 2nd place in that race?!?! Ah that cracks me up!  Not bad for our first race ever!  Or at least my first race since the whooping cough epidemic when I was 7.

Today we ran 6 miles.  It was so hot in the gym and I was sweating up a storm.  After the run I ran to the bathroom to blow my nose and I nearly hallucinated when I looked in the mirror.  I had mascara all over my face, my pink sweatband was too sweaty to hold sweat, and my new bangs were sticking straight up like a peacock.  All signs of a good run!  I went back out and we lifted arms.  I’m benching 200 these days.  Actually I don’t bench anything, who am I kidding.  OH!  And I digress again, remember a month ago or so I was running away from the MPRE?  Well we both passed!  We are officially ethical-soon-to-be-lawyers, who also run in their spare time!  Anyway, that puts our grand total mileage up to 22 miles and it’s only Wednesday.  So proud of us 🙂


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