Plus Ten

I ran ten miles today, putting my grand mileage for the week at 32 miles.  I’m really happy with this total because according to Runner’s World, I should run 32 miles two weeks before my race!!!!  Kind of weird that I hit the nail on the head even though I’m not following a training schedule (other than the one I make up as I run).

I ran on the treadmill at the gym because it was raining outside.  I figured I didn’t want to risk slipping and falling in the rain, which is always a possibility when you are a klutz like me!  Plus my running buddy is out-of-town so I needed some other entertainment, today in the form of “A Few Good Men” and “True Hollywood Story: Christina Aguilera.”  94 minutes later, I was finished with my run!  Overall, it was a great run.  The gym was too hot but it always seems to be that way.  Even better than the run itself were the non-existent side effects that usually ail me after my long run…meaning I didn’t get a stomach ache today!

After the run I went over toward the weights to stretch.  I decided to stretch fast once I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I had unfortunate sweat marks in the form of circles on my shirt.  I’ll just leave it at that!  On the drive home I was listening to an NPR report about exercise and decreasing the risk of diabetes.  The reporter made a comment about training for a marathon and I suddenly thought, geez do I need to train for a marathon?  I have to say that the thought of completing a marathon sounds exciting, but it also sounds psychotic and I’m not sure I’m cut out for that.  I like ice cream and beer too much.  I’ll make decisions about my running future after the half marathon is over!

For now, my most pressing concerns are what shall I wear for my big race?  I’m open to suggestions.  I’m concerned because the run starts at 7 AM — so it might be cool.  I don’t want to be too cold or too hot!  I’m like the Goldilocks of running… I need to be just right!  I’ll probably have to do the one thing my mom tells me I’m not allowed to do.  Go shopping!


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