Yummy Protein

I didn’t intend to run today, as I like to take a day off after a long run to let my body recover.  But tomorrow marks the start of the flag football season so we had our first practice this afternoon.  I decided to run to the park, throw the football, grunt a little, and run home.  I actually had the football so the run there was awkward since I didn’t know how to hold the football without feeling lopsided.

Football “practice” consisted of me snapping the ball like 9 times and then going home.  I don’t actually snap the ball during the games, or play offense for that matter.  (Wait the person who snaps plays offense, right?)  I am responsible for blitzing the quarterback. I like to act sneaky on the line, run back and forth, and then get the other side in trouble for moving!  Anyway, football practice ended and I gave the QB the football so I could run home normally.

On the rest of the run, which was the loop run, I was bombarded with nats.  There were nats in both my eyes, flying up my nose, and of course, in my mouth.  It was totally disgusting but I figure I got my protein for the day.  As I approached my house I passed some guys sitting outside who asked what happened to my football.  I told them I gave it to a friend because it was too hard to run.  They then pointed out that I was walking (but believe me I WAS running, I just was a block from my house which is where I do my cool down walk!).  So anyway, I ran just three miles.  It was actually beautiful outside and perfect for running.  But I’m still sad I didn’t have a total day of rest!  Tomorrow I will probably run around 5 miles, lift legs and then tomorrow night we have our first game!

Oh and also….GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!


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