And now, the end is near.

In the words of Frank Sinatra, “and now the end is near; and so I face the final curtain.”  The half marathon is only 5 days away (WOW!) and I could not be more excited to cross the finish line.

Last week was an excruciating running week.  I ran 45 miles, which was the most I’ve run this entire time training.  By the time I got to mile 32, I was fed up.  I was so discouraged, bored, annoyed and frustrated with running that I started to wonder why I ever agreed to this.  Alright, so I’ve often wondered why but last week I just felt beyond burned out.

I thought that all I needed to cheer me up was a trip to pick out my perfect running outfit.  As we drove to the mall (the  mother ship) I felt my energy and enthusiasm returning.  Maybe all I needed was a new matching outfit to put a new stride in my step.  Our first stop was a fail.  Feeling slightly deflated but still upbeat, we drove to another mall.  After the second attempt, I started to feel angry.  Where were all of the cute running clothes?  I saw a cute wind breaker (beautiful pale green, fit perfect, but too expensive).  I saw cute stretchy shorts with polka dots.  I found this amazing bouncy ball filled with glitter.  But I did not find the perfect running outfit.  I did get a new sports bra for the first time since like 8th grade and I must say it’s really nice!  As the youngest of four girls, I often got the hand-me-downs.  When one of my sisters discarded her old torn up sports bras in 1997, I took them and I’ve had them ever since!  So with the exception of my new sports bra, I am acting very thrifty and I will run in one of my running outfits I bought earlier in the summer.

This week is our tapering week.  Today we ran the loop and it was a nice confidence booster.  We both ran fast and effortlessly (which, I must say, I am proud of that because that was the very first run I went on and I thought my lungs and calves would never work again).  I will probably run two miles tomorrow and one mile on Friday and then I’m done running until the 13.1 miles on Sunday.  Piece of cake!

My mom and sister are coming to cheer me on this weekend for the big race.  I’m really excited for them to be here.  I think it’s important that I have family members witness me completing an athletic activity.  This will put my 1K race when I was 7 to shame!  I actually managed to trick my body into thinking it could run.  Speaking of bodies…today I received the nicest compliment from a lady who works at my University!  She hadn’t seen me since last spring and when she saw me today she asked if I lost weight.  I told her no and she didn’t believe me and told me that my body looked really good (which I obviously took to mean that I look like Penny from Dirty Dancing!)  Honestly, the compliment almost made this all worth it….

The night before the race I want to have a carbo cram, which thrills me because my sisters used to go to carbo crams in high school.  Sometimes I would get to go along and I thought they were amazing.  They would eat  loads of spaghetti and garlic bread, make posters, and talk about toilet papering people’s houses.  Then I got to go back to grade school and nonchalantly say oh yeah I was at this carbo cram last night…with high schoolers.  I want my carbo cram to be just like that!  Except since I am just a poor law student, I think I’ll skip the TP part because, well it’s expensive, and now that I’m not 10 I don’t think it’s that cool.

I leave you with parts of Frank’s song…because well…the lyrics seem so fitting for the end of my journey 🙂 However, I have added narration in bold so it REALLY fits.

And now, the end is near; (5 days!)
And so I face the final curtain. (In this case, it’s the finish line)

Regrets, Ive had a few; (every time I run)
But then again, too few to mention. (when the endorphins kick in and I think I like running)
I did what I had to do (my running partner made me)
And saw it through without exemption. (yah I did!)

I planned each charted course; (even though sometimes I forgot street names and got lost)
Each careful step along the byway, (one time I rolled my ankle)
But more, much more than this,
I did it my way. (in a girly, pink, cute outfit kind of way)

Yes, there were times, Im sure you knew (this must be a joke, she can’t run)
When I bit off more than I could chew. (she thinks she can run a half marathon?)
But through it all, when there was doubt, (all I had to do was keep running to prove the haters wrong)
I ate it up and spit it out. (umm…no I’m not bulimic?)
I faced it all and I stood tall; (and sometimes made grunting noises at the gym for fun!)
And did it my way. (In a 13.1 mile kinda way).



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7 responses to “And now, the end is near.

  1. Nancy P.

    Congratulations on your achievement. No matter what happens at the half marathon, you should be so very proud of your commitment and of getting your “Penny” body! Maybe while your running this weekend you’ll hear, “She’s Like the Wind” as you sprint to the finish!

    • jottinjogger

      Thank you so much!! Ha your comment about She’s Like the Wind was so funny…I might have to work that into my next post 🙂

  2. Mr. L

    Good Luck !
    We will be thinking of you.
    This was a heck of an achievement.

  3. Sarah Smith

    Hey, Kate! Good luck on the half marathon Sunday! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. My boyfriend’s actually running the half marathon too–although he hasn’t been training as hard as you have:)

  4. Lashguy

    You are gonna do so great Kathy!!!!!! Wish I could be there for you at the finish line!!! Go get em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smoke those other fools!!!!!!

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